«What is wrong with her face?» The latest outing of country music star Shania Twain raised questions

Shania Twain appeared with a «new face» and everyone is saying the same thing! 🧐🤨The fans even had to double-check whether this is her or not after the star’s latest outing! 😮🤯What has she done with her face and why does no one recognize her? 🤔 See the article for more! 👇

The recent appearance of this country music superstar raised many eyebrows. To say that her «new face» came as a surprise for everyone is nothing to say. She appeared at the 2024 MusiCres Person of the Year gala. Her relatively short hair and heavy makeup escaped no one’s attention.

Her drastically changed appearance made a massive splash and became the topic of heated discussions.

«What did she do to her face?», «I can hardly recognize her! What did she do?», «A completely new face!», «Plastic surgery or makeup?».

She has evolved the title «chameleon» due to her ever-evolving appearance and changing images. Recently, she has always made an update on social media showing herself with long pink hair and definitely plumper lips.

The fans can hardly believe that their favorite country music star has changed a great deal having always been convinced that Twain was against cosmetic surgeries and embraced natural ageing.

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