«The heartbreaker is not the same anymore!» This is how Johnny Depp has evolved over time

This is what scandalous divorce has done to Depp! 😱😬The fans of Captain Jack Sparrow can hardly recognize their favorite star now! 🧐🤨 Years have passed and the heartthrob has already turned 6️⃣0️⃣! No one was ready to see his transformation! ☹️💔 You can find the actor’s new photos in this article! 👇

It goes without saying that the life and appearance of celebrities and show business stars never cease to be the center of public attention. Paparazzi don’t ever miss a chance to capture film stars and models in the most awkward situations when they expect it the least.

The recent social media update of the Hollywood actor with musician Micki Free caused a furor. The picture depicted our favorite actor during a casual meetup at The Palms in Las Vegas. Excessive accessories and a hint of makeup piqued everyone’s attention.

What concerns Free, he chose a striking red outfit with floral patterns. They celebrated their encounter with enthusiasm and appreciation of their special bond. The fans had many questions shortly after his recent update on social media.

To say that Depp has partly lost his physical allure is nothing to say, but the fact that his role and contribution to the industry can hardly be overestimated is undeniable. Many believe that the trial battles have taken their toll on him and he is no more the same heartthrob.

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