«No good news!» The latest news about Kathy Bates left everyone heartbroken

The fans started to desperately pray for Kathy Bates after the latest news! 🙏😭Everyone’s hearts broke when the iconic actress made a sad announcement! 💔🥺She is diagnosed with a chronic health condition and seeks our support! 😧😫See what happened to her in this article!👇

There is hardly anyone who, at least, hasn’t heard of K. Bates, a world-renowned and incredibly talented actress who has achieved great career heights and accomplishments both in films and TV. The legendary roles she brilliantly portrayed brought her career into a new level.

As a reminder, she moved to New York in 1970 in pursuit of an acting career.

«I’ve only ever performed in character roles. It was a major issue for me when I was younger because I was never considered attractive enough. It was challenging not only because there wasn’t much work but also because you had to accept how other people saw you».

No one would deny that it was her role as Stella May in «Come Back To The Five And Dime Jimmy Dean» for which she deservedly received high praise. Many also remember her portraying a deranged fan in Misery which brought her an Academy Award.

However, many are not aware of all the aspects of the outstanding movie star’s life. In 2003 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and later with breast cancer. Later, she candidly talked about being diagnosed with lymphedema. She had to wear compression sleeves so as to prevent her arms from swelling up.

«If I can stop rushing, relax my shoulders, straighten my spine, breathe deeply, and focus on each little moment of completing a task, I have more confidence in my ability to live with LE».

She admits that wearing those compression garments was sometimes painful and caused severe discomfort. Bates, however, claims that an illness shouldn’t define who you are. She keeps pursuing her passion and «ignores» the diagnosis.

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