«Mistaken for a homeless woman!» The recent outing of Kirsten Dunst raised questions

The fans didn’t recognize Dunst in recent paparazzi photos! 😱😬Many remember her as the beauty from «Spider-Man» but years have already taken their toll on her! 🤫⌛The actress’s unkempt look left a lot to be desired which you too can see in this article!

It was already at her 12 that this outstanding actress captivated large audiences with her participation in «Interview with the Vampire». This marked the beginning of her drizzling acting career and it was quite clear that a bright future was ahead of her.

Not only her incredible talent and exceptional acting, but also her signature smile and charisma have established Dunst as one of the most captivating and in-demand actresses of the time. People were more than sure that she would maintain her charm through years, yet something went wrong.

Many have already noticed some signs of ageing and even hardly recognize the iconic film star. Though ageing is a natural part of life, her changed appearance came as a big surprise for everyone. This time, she appeared with an unkempt look and left the fans disappointed.

What concerns her personal life, in 2016 she started a romantic relationship with actor J. Plemons with whom she first crossed paths on a film set. Though they haven’t got married yet, they welcome son Ennis in 2018 and James in 2021.

Despite her busy family life and two kids, Dunst still remains dedicated to her passion and continues gracing our screens.

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