«From a beauty into an alien!» This is what Versace looked like before the plastic surgery journey

Most of you know her as «a human waxwork» with multiple surgeries, but have you ever seen her in youth?😮 Believe it or not, she has not always been obsessed with plastics! 🫡😏What did she look like and why did all men dream of her? 🤔For the archival photos – see the article!👇

One of today’s most successful, in-demand and influential fashion designers is D. Versace. As a quick reminder, the iconic star hails from a large family in Italy and is now already 68 years old. Even in her early years she was passionate about sewing which originally stemmed from her family.

Her mother catered to a clientele of affluent individuals. In the 1970s Versace joined her brother Giovani in Milan where he was a renowned fashion designer. Donatella’s effort and determination eventually assumed the roles of company director and chief designer.

The designer’s plastic journey began back in 2002 when she started to pay much attention to her appearance and was in a desperate pursuit of maintaining her youth and beauty. She considered surgeries as a protective barrier from public scrutiny.

This led her to wear full makeup on a daily basis, excessively apply tanning and frequently visiting solariums. She has had a nose job, and other beauty enhancement procedures which have changed her beyond recognition. This, of course, left an unnatural effect.

Her incredible makeover didn’t escape paparazzi attention. They never missed a chance to capture the fashion designer whenever she appeared in the spotlight. It was on her 60th birthday that she opted for breast augmentation. Her drastically changed appearance is now in the center of public attention.

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