«Simply Maria turned 61!» This is what happened to Victoria Ruffo years later

Can you recall the beauty from «Simply Maria»?🤔 The actress who brilliantly starred the hit series has aged beyond recognition! 😟💔 Time has been merciless to Victoria Ruffo! 😢⏳Those who admired her are speechless to see her recent photos which you can find in this article! 👇

Many years have passed and the whole cast of the hit series «Simply Maria» has changed beyond recognition. This concerns the leading star Victoria Ruffo as well, who captivated millions of viewers with her unearthly charm, perfect features and femininity.

Believe it or not, the outstanding actress is already in her 60s. To say that she has changed a great deal is nothing to say. Most of her fans can hardly recognize her now. Some claim that she failed to maintain her unique charm, while the others still consider her a beauty.

«It took me a while to recognize her», «Simply Maria is not the same anymore..», «Is she already 60? Are you kidding me? She looks amazing!», «Envy silently! Far not all of you will look better in your 60s».

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