«With hairy armpits and horns!» The appearance of Madonna’s daughter at the Met Gala sparked reaction

How dare she? 😱 Madonna’s heiress appeared with hairy armpits and caused a furor! 🤢🤯 You can’t fool the genes! 😬Lourdes Leon’s outrageous appearance raised some eyebrows! 🤔😤Try not to close your eyes out of embarrassment when you see her outing in this article! 👇

Madonna’s eldest daughter was born in 1996. Just like her iconic mother, Lourdes Leon is surrounded by the glitz and glam of the industry. She has ventured into the big world of fashion and entertainment. The collaboration with her mother on a clothing line back in 2010 marked her early success.

She first appeared on stage in 2018 when she debuted as a model at Fashion Week. In 2021 Leon graced the cover of Vogue magazine. Lourdes is not afraid to push boundaries and is known for her daring style and sometimes revealing outings.

The lady considers Madonna a supportive and exemplary parent, but still has no plans to follow in her mother’s career footsteps. Madonna herself encourages her to focus on her own path and find her voice and place in the industry.

For those who don’t know, Lourdes knows English and French and is currently studying Spanish, her father’s native language. She is now fully focused on her career. For those who don’t know, she used to be in a romantic relationship with actor T. Chalamet.

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