«Like a zombie – skin and bones and pale skin!» How Joan Van Ark has changed is something not for the fainthearted

Better sit when you see her new photos! 😱🤢 Men called her one of the most desired actresses, but now are afraid to look at her! 🤐😬 With nothing but skin and bones and pale skin, she gives us goosebumps! 😳 Everyone’s jaw dropped when Ark’s new photos hit the network which you can see in this article! 👇

The career heights and great achievements of J. Van Ark can hardly be overestimated. No one will deny that it was her role on «Knots Landing» which brought her acting career into a new level. She was born in 1943, New York City.

From her earlier years, she knew that she belonged to Hollywood. Her life radically changed when she was lucky enough to cross paths with J. Harris who influenced her to attend Yale Drama School and get a scholarship.

She is well-known for her portrayal in «Temperature’s Rising», «Days of Our Lives» and «Spider-Woman». She has appeared in a number of other series including «The Restless» where she portrayed Gloria Fisher.

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