«Life is not a bed of roses, even for the Princess!» Kate Middleton reveals her diagnosis and leaves the people heartbroken

Middleton has cancer and she herself announces it in her recent candid speech! 😭💔 The Princess first appears after the rumors and shares everything about her diagnosis! 😲Her frail and desperate look brought her fans into tears! 🥺😫 Let’s pray for her together! 🙏 See more in this article! 👇

It has been just recently, on March 22, that the Princess has made an announcement about her cancer diagnosis. The latest news literally broke everyone’s heart. After enduring public pressure and all the rumors, Middleton had no choice but to make an official announcement.

Her statement from Kensington Palace mentioned her abdominal surgery. She got candid and added that while her condition was non-cancerous before the operation, the doctors found cancer shortly after it and she should undergo chemotherapy.

She has also expressed her gratitude to all her well-wishers and supporters adding that she truly hoped for a quick recovery. Middleton remains positive-minded and delights everyone with her courage and determination.

«Sending prayers to our favorite Princess!», «How tired and frail she looks! Wishing all the best», «What happened to our future Queen? I hope it all was a dream..», «I wish you a quick recovery and patience! We are here with you».

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