«Impossible not to fall in love!» This is what a beauty Bellucci’s and Cassel’s eldest daughter has become

People call Bellucci’s daughter a future supermodel and there is actually a reason for it! 😮💘 Deva again forgot she was a human and showed her heavenly beauty! 🥹💘 No one can look at this girl without falling crazy in love with her! 🫠You can find the celebrity child’s recent photo session in this article! 👇

When Bellucci’s and Cassel’s eldest daughter was 14, it already became clear that she would soon surpass even her iconic mother and become a supermodel. Deva has grown up and tried her hand in modeling. The young girl has graced the cover of top magazines becoming one of the most in-demand figures.

Though she doesn’t often perform on the runway, her unearthly charm and allure are seen even in her daily life. If we take her recent photoshoot, she still looked incomparably beautiful and made it impossible to take our eyes off her at least for a second.

Deva gave her preference to denim jeans, a black satin shirt with one open shoulder and a stylish coat of the same color. Her mesmerizing eyes, gorgeous curly hair and thoughtfully chosen jewelry escaped no one’s special attention.

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