«She aged like fine wine!» This is what happened to the actress who played Yvete in «The Clone»

Everyone is talking about Jade, but do you remember Yvete from «The Clone»? 🤔🧐Years have passed and Vera Fischer is already 7️⃣2️⃣! ⏳The actress has shared new photos in a bikini and again stole millions of men’s hearts! 👙💘See how the film star appears now in this article! 👇

Vera Fischer is a world-renowned and successful actress who prayed one of the lead roles in everyone’s favorite Brazilian series «The Clone». The iconic movie star who brilliantly portrayed Yvete has already turned 72 and stunned everyone with her ageless beauty.

Only few know that Vera occupied the first place in «Miss Brazil» in 1969. Most of the fans knew about her due to the popular series which brought her drizzling career into a whole new level making her one of the most outstanding actresses.

«Life after 70 only begins», «Someone, please, remind her of her age!», «No wonder millions of men dreamed of her», «I can’t take my eyes off this hottie».

«Looking so attractive in 70s should be banned!», «This is what ageing like fine wine actually means», «No hanging belly and wrinkle? How come?».

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