«Like mother, like daughter!» What Salma Hayek’s mother looks like deserves our special attention

Haven’t you seen Hayek’s mother yet? 🤔 Then, be ready to fall in love with her! 💘🤫The Mexican actress showed her mother and now everyone understands why she is so beautiful! ❤️‍🔥 Mom’s genes did their job! 🤩 You can see Diana Jimenez in this article! 👇

About the unearthly allure and incomparable charisma of Salma Hayek no one stops talking. The Mexican actress is often compared to fine wine as she becomes even better-looking with age. The iconic movie star often wears daring outfits which escape no one’s attention.

The outstanding actress still possesses a perfectly shaped body and can afford to wear even revealing swimsuits. Every time she posts exclusive photos from vacation, they instantly go viral and make men fall in love with her.

The Mexican beauty rarely shares photos and details about her family but this time it was an exception. The star posted a snapshot where she showed her charming mother making it clear whose wonderful genetics she inherited.

«Two beauty icons in one photo», «These two go against nature and treat ageing like a number», «I even had to double-check her age».

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