«If femininity was a person!» Cruz showcases her jaw-dropping cleavage in a gorgeous dress at the Awards

The fans had to double-check Cruz’s age after this! 😮❤️‍🔥The Spanish actress wows everyone with a polka dot gown with thigh-high slit at the Awards in Rome! 🤤😍Men call her the epitome of femininity and there is actually a reason for it which you can see in this article!  👇

One of the most talked-about outings of this celebrated, incredibly charismatic and successful actress was undeniably at the David Dl Donatella Awards held in Rome. Her appearance became the topic of heated discussions. Her choice fell on a polka-dot dress.

Her gorgeous attire perfectly emphasized her femininity and unique allure. The magnificent gown was made of sheer chiffon and had thigh-high slits which added an even more spice to her image. It featured a deep cleavage and revealed the prettiest parts of her body.

The Spanish beauty complemented her outfit with glamourous red lipstick and manicure of the same color. She was wearing high-heeled sandals and tied her hair with a flower-shaped item which became the perfect complement.

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