«Plastic surgery ruined her!» At 78, Priscilla Presley’s appearance has become a source of discussions

If Elvis saw her now, he definitely wouldn’t fall in love with her!❌🧑🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👩🏼Button nose and doll-like cheeks disappointed fans👃🏻😬 Priscilla Presley in her old age, ruined her appearance with plastic surgery💉👩🏻‍⚕️She went too far, see for yourself in the article⬇️

Priscilla Presley has always amazed with her unique beauty, winning millions of hearts. As the widow of Elvis Presley, she is a prominent personality in the world of media. Priscilla always attracts attention and remains at the center of public interest.

Despite her age of 78, Priscilla Presley continues to amaze fans with her appearance. Many of them think that she looks younger than her age, which attracts the attention of others.

But she turns out to be against natural aging and turns to methods, plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures and a special diet. For some, its attractiveness is associated with the use of these funds.

Priscilla adheres to a healthy lifestyle and always appears at public events. Her daughter is very similar to her, and they are often even confused. They are very similar in their irresistible charm.

What do you think of her appearance? We look forward to your opinions in the comments.

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