«It’s illegal to look so good at 78!» All eyes were on Dolly Parton’s «zebra» outfit which left no room for imagination

Dolly Parton shows that even at 78 a woman can look fantastic and steal hearts of men! 😍💘 All eyes at an event were on the country singer’s robe-like «zebra» outfit! 👀🤩She showed more than the fans expected! 😯😉See more in this article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who, at least, hasn’t heard of Dolly Parton whose incredible talent, brilliant skills and charisma have made her role in the industry irreplaceable. This time, the country singer’s choice fell on a high-slitted «zebra» dress with a neckline and spicy slits.

The outfit perfectly emphasized all the good parts of her body making it hard to believe that such a stunning-looking woman has already turned 78. It is surprising that at this age a female can boast of such a flawless body and elegance that is beyond time.

She has always given an inspiration with her individual style and unfading energy. Time seems to have never passed for this ageless beauty.

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