«He’s really like a son to her!» wrinkled Pamela Anderson was captured in a cafe with her new boyfriend

How did she hypnotize this young man!👵🏻👨🏻Paparazzi didn’t miss the chance to capture Pamela with double chin and messy hair📸❓ Fans are disappointed how a young guy fell in love with this unkempt woman with noticeable tummy🤦🏻‍♀️💔See rare footage here👇🏻

Pamela Anderson won the hearts of viewers after her role in «Baywatch»․ She was recently caught by the paparazzi while walking with her new boyfriend. Despite her age of 56, she continues to surprise her fans by building a relationship with Dan Hayhurst, 13 years younger than her.

After the relationship, Pamela Anderson preferred not to publish general photos with her husband. However, paparazzi recently spotted them while walking together, surprising fans.

Pamela Anderson opted for a casual, sporty style during her walk and didn’t pay much attention to her outfit or makeup. This caused disappointment among her fans, and many did not even recognize her in the photo.

Despite the cosmetic and plastic procedures performed, some fans express the opinion that Pamela does not look perfect and has many wrinkles. They noted that the star had a double chin and a saggy belly.

Despite the recommendations of many to play sports and lead an active lifestyle, Pamela always confidently posed for photographers. She said she could no doubt wear the same red swimsuit from «Baywatch». What can you say about her appearance?

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