«No one has seen Barbie like this!» Margot Robbie’s fashion choice for her recent outing resulted in mixed reactions

She forgot about her «Barbie» image and wore daring mini and a leather coat! ❤️‍🔥🤤Paparazzi secretly captured Robbie at an event and caused a furor! 🧐📸 The fans were not ready to see her looking like this! 🤯🤐You can find the exclusive footage in this article! 👇

The great contribution and significant role of M. Robbie in the film industry can hardly be questioned. However, no one would deny that it was her role as Barbie which brought her drizzling acting career into a new level captivating millions worldwide.

Given the fact that Barbie turned out to be her core role in cinema, the viewers still expect to get those «doll vibes» from her. That is why her recent outing met far not everyone’s expectations. It seems as if she needs another major role which will be associated with her even off the screen.

Her marriage to producer T. Akerli has already spanned for seven years. The man never ceases to show his unwavering support and dedication to the outstanding film star. Her latest fashion choice raised some eyebrows and is still surfacing the network.

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