«No more long blonde hair!» Aniston showcases her short hair at the 2024 Awards

For the first time in ages Aniston got a new haircut and surprised the fans! 💇‍♀️😮 Do you remember Rachel on «Friends»? 🤔The actress has shown her new image and left everyone speechless which you too can see in this article! 👇

The attendance of Jennifer Aniston at the Awards on February 18, 2024 came as a big surprise for everyone there. Our favorite Rachel debuts her new haircut and shows her entirely new image. Her fashion choice fell on a strapless black  dress.

Her asymmetrical gown and fresh hairstyle captured everyone’s special attention while the outstanding actress was presenting the People’s Icon Award to A. Sandler. The new image of the 55-year-old movie star resulted in mixed reactions.

Given the fact that the fans have been accustomed to seeing her with straight long hair, Aniston’s new image left them speechless. The changes in her signature look surely didn’t go unnoticed. One may say that she evolves over time and glows differently.


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