«New relationship again!» The paparazzi were able to capture Angelina Jolie with her new partner

«It’s unbelievable! Found Brad Pitt’s doppelganger!»🧔‍♂️🧔‍♂️Photographers showed Jolie’s recent photos together with her handsome boyfriend and surprised everyone😳👩‍❤️‍👨 Just see them here⬇️⬇️⬇️

Recently it became known that the famous actor Brad Pitt has already found a new love and everyone is discussing his personal life. Since last fall, he has been dating Ines de Ramon. Many say that Angelina Jolie does not like their serious relationship. According to media news, Jolie wants to meet Ines and warn her that their romance may have a bad ending.

However, apparently, they have not yet met each other. Fans are sure that the meeting did not take place because Angelina already feels happy in her personal life. Photographers were recently able to capture the Hollywood actress with the heir to the British Rothschild family.

In the photo, Jolie had lightly dyed hair and a black dress with slits on the sides. By the way, few people are sure that there can be a serious love relationship between Angelina Jolie and David Mayer de Rothschild.

Let us remember that David is also actively involved in environmental and social activities and apparently they met on these matters. Angelina and David drove home in separate cars. No matter what, fans began to discuss these new shots and express their opinions.

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