«Love as it is!» Hollywood couples whose love breaks all the stereotypes

For those who don’t believe in true love, have a look at this and think twice! 🧐🤫 Here are couples whose love has lasted for three decades or more! 😮😍 For the list – see the article! 👇👇👇

To many, Hollywood is the center of glamour and heated scandals. It always provides with sensational news and scandalous moments about celebrities. However, in the midst of fake romances, love truly exists here.

Kevin Bacon – 35 years

Here are K. Bacon and K. Sedgwick who met during the film «Lemon Sky». Despite their big age difference, they made a suitable and harmonious couple. Now, the man is 65, while the woman is 58.

Tom Hanks – 36 years

Best-remembered for their roles in «The Green Mile» and «Forrest Gump», it was already 36 years that they have been absolutely inseparable. They have two children and have no plans to change anything.

Michael Jay Fox – 36 years

Their love and unwavering support towards each other are beyond. They have four kids together. Now, Michael is 62, while his wife is 6. Their relationship won all the battles and inconveniences.

Kurt Russel – 40 years

He still was married to another woman before he realized that Hawn was his truest love. Having 6 years gap, they started dating in 1984. It was in two years that the spouses welcomed a child together.

Denzel Washington – 42 years

They encountered on the set of the film «Wilma». Even after 42 years of marriage, they are still inseparable and fully dedicated to each other.

Dustin Hoffman – 44 years

Before L. Gottesgen, Hoffman was married to another woman and it was a week after their divorce that he clearly realized whom her heart actually belonged to and who was destined for her.

Meryl Streep – 45 years

Before marrying sculptor D. Gummer, she was married to actor J. Cassele who, tragically, passed away of cancer.

Jeff Bridges – 47 years

Getting married in 1977, their union has lasted till today. The couple endured many challenges and obstacles together. They have welcomed three children and are absolutely inseparable.

Michael Kane – 51 years

This iconic couple has already celebrated their «golden wedding» anniversary. They can be regarded among the most enduring and exemplary couples.

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