«Is she adopted or what?» What Naomi Campbell’s white-skinned daughter looks like caused a furor

Cameras revealed Campbell’s little daughter and made a massive splash on social media! 🧐😱The appearance of the supermodel’s heiress is making headlines! 🤯🫢For the exclusive footage – see the article! 👇👇👇

For a long time, this world-renowned and successful supermodel has hidden her heiress from the public eye. Camera lenses have lately captured the former runway icon with her little one and made a massive splash on social media.

The non-standard appearance, more specifically the light skin shade, raised many questions among the network users. Thousands immediately started actively discussing her appearance coming to a realization that they look nothing like each other.

Some have been wondering what her father looks like whose identity is kept in secret by Naomi. Despite the skin color, one may say that she has inherited her legendary mother’s unearthly beauty.

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