«Ready models!» Brendan Fraser showed up at the Oscars with his two sons and made a splash

«Not a bit like the famous dad!»👀🤨After the Oscars, Internet users are discussing the appearance of Brendan’s grown-up sons😍💘You will fall in love with them, seeing in the article👇👇👇

It’s no secret that celebrity fans are very interested in the children of their idols. This time the famous actor Brendan Fraser decided to show off his grown-up sons.

Brendan Fraser, along with his 18-year-old and 16-year-old sons, were the center of attention on the red carpet at the Oscars party. Internet users are still discussing the two heartthrobs.

Both sons became real handsome men with model appearance. The guys are almost completely different from each other, but both won millions of hearts․ It is known that the brothers participate in fashion shoots.

Fraser has three sons and the third eldest heir of the actor, and practically does not like to appear in public. By the way, at the ceremony Brendan Fraser received the long-awaited Oscar award for Best Actor.

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