«It’s illegal to look so beautiful at 56!» Timelessly beautiful Carla Bruni steals the show during Paris Fashion Week

All eyes appeared at Bruni the moment she stepped in! 🤩🔥 She became the queen of the show with her perfect figure and unfading smile! 👏🫠 See the model’s appearance in this article! 👇👇👇

As the family life started, Carla Bruni stopped making public appearance very frequently. However, this doesn’t deny the fact that each and every time she shows up, her loyal fans’ eyes appear on her. She still remains the same desirable and in-demand star.

Initially, starting her drizzling career in the big world of modeling, Bruni still pleasantly surprises everyone with her fashion choices which escape no single one’s attention.  She has recently stepped into the Paris Fashion Week and captivated everyone.

To say that the iconic model looks stupendous for her age is nothing to say. She still continues to pleasantly surprise with her sense of style and signature smile.

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