«What did he do to her?» 40-year-old wife of Richard Gere, 73, has aged so much that she confused fans

«His old age had a great influence on his young wife!»☹️💔Changed appearance of Gere’s young wife became a reason of discussions😬🧓They look the same age, be convinced here👇👇👇

Richard Gere had a wife three times, but did not suspect that his third wife would be much younger than his thirty-three-year-old self. Alejandra Silva, daughter of the vice president of Real Madrid, stands out for her brilliance and beauty. Before marrying Gere, she led a public lifestyle using alimony from her millionaire ex-husband.

Gere always said about Alejandra’s unreal beauty, intelligence, charm and grace. He thought that his wife is the most beautiful woman. To this Alejandra replied that she adores her husband and spoils him. This couple surprised all of their fans with their unusual connection.

Gere is now 73-years-old, and he and his wife have come a long way. The one who was once a striking brunette stood up to the older man with gray hair, but he retained his attractive smile. But we want to say that many fans approve that Alejandra became old next to him.

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