«Dirty hair and blushed face» This is what unhealthy lifestyle and depression have done to Cobain’s love

She was so beautiful that even Cobain’s heart belonged to her! 🫠💘 Sadly, her beauty is now a thing of the past! 🤫😬The way she has changed escapes no one’s attention! 😮🤔 For new photos – see the article! 👇👇👇

Courtney Love used to be a desirable and successful rock star whose unrealistic beauty and incomparable charisma could captivate even the heart of the leader of Nirvana. Looking at her recent photos, it becomes hard to believe that it is one and the same person.

These scandalous paparazzi snapshots make it clear that the unhealthy lifestyle has taken its toll on the 59-year-old performer. One may say that she looks much older and time has been merciless to her. Even the most loyal fans hardly recognized Love here.

«What is wrong with her?», «She completely let herself go», «Kurt would be disappointed to see her here», «No wonder she looks terrible», «Let me unsee this!».

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