«Can’t take eyes off her!» Beauty from «Baywatch» Donna D’Errico, 54, made a splash in lingerie

«Take your husbands away, she is 54 but a real hottie»🔥😳Recently Donna shared a candid photo in lingerie on social media👙🤤Spicy look you can see in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

No one can guess her real age! Donna D’Errico has always won men’s hearts with her beauty, but now she is no longer the same 27-year-old Playboy girl. Despite the fact that she is already 54-years-old, she continues to surprise the whole world with her youthful appearance.

Recently, the actress and model posted candid photos in lingerie on social networks and created a sensation with her beauty. At 54-years-old, she does not shy away from revealing images. In one photo, the mother of 2 wore black lace lingerie and struck an intriguing pose.

After such a publication, many haters appeared who immediately criticized her for such frankness. But the actress did not stop at this photo and decided to continue sharing such content.
After the last divorce from her husband, she never found love. She probably shares such photos to gain the admiration of her fans. «It’s so nice that so many men want you», Donna said.

But of course there were a lot of critics who wrote that at that age it was ugly to show oneself in such an image. «Let me live freely. When I’m old and 80, I’ll be happy I did it», Donna replied. The actress claims that every girl should feel confident and continue to look good at any age. Her body is still toned and flawless. What can you say about her decision?

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