«Candid photos without filters!» Fans were perplexed to see Jennifer Lopez without any makeup or editing

«Came out of the bathroom and immediately shared a video!»🔥😲At 53, it’s unclear whether Lopez deceives the public or she truly has no flaws👌👏You better decide for yourself seeing photos here👇👇👇

Jennifer Lopez has captivated the hearts of millions of people since her youth and continues to amaze. Beautiful Lopez makes a lot of efforts to maintain her unique appearance.

«I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke or drink coffee and everything helps me have such beautiful skin. Bad habits are the cause of many wrinkles and dull complexion», Lopez said during the interview. She follows strict dietary rules and does not eat fried or sweet foods.

The famous woman recently posted a video of her morning beauty routine on social media. In the video, Lopez was without makeup or any filters. She even added that there was only her and the morning light in the room.

Jennifer believes that beautiful appearance is the result of a good mood and positivity. Lopez isn’t the only celebrity who says stress ruins beauty. In the video, Lopez takes care of her face using products from her own line.

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