«It is illegal to look so beautiful at 94!» The way Tippi Hedren celebrated her 94th birthday deserves our special attention

This is how women should celebrate their 94th birthday! 🤫🔥 Hedren breaks ageing stereotypes and radiates timeless glamour! 😍🫠 See rare family snapshots of the star in this article! 👇👇👇

It was on January 20 that she celebrated her 94th birthday. As a world-renowned and towering actress, she has delighted the public with her eccentric style and ageless beauty. She has recently hit the network with her bright look consisting of pink attire and festive glasses.

It was her daughter Melanie Griffith who shared the exclusive photo on Instagram. The actress was in a pink sweater and was holding a forkful of cake. Her timeless charm and femininity are still in the center of people’s special attention.

«It is illegal to look so good at 94!», «Witches don’t age», «Now, I know from where Griffith took such wonderful genes», «Who would say she is actually 94? Incredible!».

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