«Dad’s little girl has grown up!» What Snoop Dogg’s daughter looks like resulted in mixed reactions

He showed his grown-up daughter and stormed the network! 🤫🧐 Here is the popular rapper’s daughter who once suffered a stroke! 😲😍 See how she appears now in this article! 👇👇👇

Here is Cori Broadus, the grown-up daughter of the famous rapper. She has already achieved tremendous success as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Her business is «Choc Factory by Choc». What is more, she also pursues a singing career under the stage name Choc.

Personal struggles including criticizm for her overweight, dealing with lupus as well as an autoimmune disease, led her to become an advocate for mental health and body positivity. Ori was born in 1999 to a couple of the rapper and Shante Taylor Broadus.

Her cosmetics brand not only offers makeup, but also personal care including body oils and loungewear. She also promotes clothing items such as hoodies, leggings and bras.

It was at the age of six that she dealt with dealing with lupus. This led her to become an advocate for body positivity. This is what the grown-up daughter of the star looks like!

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