«45 years older than her!» Paparazzi captured billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, 92, with his young wife

«She is even younger than Bernie’s daughter!»😣An that’s not all: they have a baby and paparazzi didn’t miss the moment to capture them together🧐😳See their family photos in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

Bernie Ecclestone is a businessman and honorary president of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration. After the Second World War, Bernie founded one of the UK’s largest used car companies and later acquired the Brabham racing team.

In 2017, Ecclestone sold Formula 1 for $4.4 billion and has not made any new investments in startups since then. At 92-years-old, he still surprises with his vibrant personal life. Ecclestone has three daughters and a son.

His eldest daughter was born from his first marriage, his younger daughters were born from his second marriage to a model. Bernie Ecclestone married Fabiana Flosi in 2012, who is 45 years younger than him, and they even had a son. There are rumors that the daughters were jealous of the only heir and his mother because of the inheritance.

In July 2020, the son of Fabiana and Bernie, after they announced that they wanted to have a big family. Ecclestone said during an interview that he enjoys spending time with his son. He added that they might have more children.

We hope he will be healthy and energetic for his family. Of course, people are shocked by the age difference, but the couple proves that there are no age restrictions in love. However, many expressed condemnation of their large age difference.

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