«The one who stole Hulk’s heart!» The big news about Hogan’s marriage to a young woman surfaces the network

Hulk surprises everyone and gets married at the age of 70! 😲🫢 The woman the legendary man chose is 25 years younger whose joint photos you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

The moment the world knew that legendary Hulk Hogan got married at the age of 70, no one could remain indifferent and was quick to make it a topic of heated discussions. The «Rocky» star’s chosen one became a woman 25 years younger than him

Their non-standard union has long been discussed by network users and many express their disbelief and negativity about their big age difference. Some praise the couple for their bravery, while the others don’t miss the chance to judge them.

«She would suit him as a daughter», «Seeking love and passion at 70? Crazy!», «The strangest union ever!», «The one who stole his heart! We finally see her», «I wish you happy long years together!».

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