«Ageing is for icons too!» Bellucci’s new scandalous snapshots are making headlines

The fans of Bellucci are definitely NOT ready for this! 😳😬 Camera lenses captured the Italian actress’s cellulite and loose skin! 😳🫣See the disappointing photos in this article! 👇👇👇

It has recently become known that Bellucci got into a romantic relationship with director T. Burton. The couple officially announced their union with their public appearance on the Red Carpet leaving everyone there speechless.

Some found them a suitable and harmonious couple, while the others held that Bellucci deserved to be the girlfriend of a much hotter man. Such an unexpected turn raised everyone’s eyebrows and didn’t go unnoticed.

These days, photographers secretly captured the Italian movie star getting out of a car. To say that the loyal fans and supporters of the actress were strongly disappointed is nothing to say. Cellulite, varicose and loose skin were clearly seen.

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