«Plastic surgeons went too far!» Meg Ryan’s appearance after numerous plastic surgeries disappointed fans

«Her face is swollen and former beauty is ruined!»🤢Meg was caught on paparazzi footage after plastic surgeries and became the cause of dissatisfaction😬💔Just see her new face here⬇️⬇️⬇️

Meg Ryan has always shone with her incredible natural beauty, but this time she apparently disappointed her fans. The paparazzi were able to capture the actress and fans had a hard time recognizing that it was her. Ryan has changed a lot after all sorts of plastic surgery and the 61-year-old movie star now looks 20 years older.

Like many stars, she could not accept her natural aging and turned to plastic surgeons. She has undergone countless surgeries and it is not surprising that she has aged very well.

Due to her transformation, directors and producers collaborate with her more and she receives few offers. The recent photos surprised fans and sparked discussions online.

«I found it difficult to recognize in these photos», «Why did she do these plastic surgeries?», «Don’t criticize her!», Internet users wrote.

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