«Life only begins after 70!» Model and actress Christie Brinkley breaks the ageing stereotypes

She shows that a woman can steal hearts even in her 70s! 💘🫠 No one can take their eyes off Christie Brinkley’s bikini body! 🫣🔥 See the model’s recent photos from vacation in this article! 👇👇👇

It is hard to believe that this world-renowned and successful model is going to celebrate her birthday in February. The iconic blonde looks too amazing for her age breaking all the ageing stereotypes. Even some 30-year-olds would dream of having such a body.

People have to double-check her age every time they hear that she was born in 1954. She delights her followers with new snapshots of her from vacations and shows the entire world that life after 60 only begins.

«How is it even possible?», «If ageing, then only in this way!», «I can’t take my eyes off this stunning-looking granny», «No wonder men go crazy about her!», «Are you single?», «No one would give her more than 40!».

«Witches don’t age!», «To have such an amazing body is a dream for all girls and women!».

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