«Behind the scenes!» The incredible love story of the Waltons not only on screen but also in real life

Do you remember the TV series «The Waltons»? 🧐🤔 Learned and Waite share how their on-screen romance became reality! 😮🫢For details and exclusive footage – see the article! 👇👇👇

There is hardly anyone who, at least, hasn’t heard of the CBS series «The Waltons» released from 1972-1981 depicting the lives of a married couple of Olivia and John. They had 7 children and navigated the challenges of the Great Depression.

Learned was passionate about acting while studying in Austria, but it was only at her 33 that she took the role of Olivia. By the way, she was raised on a farm in Connecticut. What concerns Waite, he tried his hand in acting pursuing the role of John Walton.

Learned’s personal life wasn’t as smooth as it seemed to be. She had been married several times and all of them were unsuccessful ending up in breakup. She became addicted to alcohol and finally got over it with the help of Waite.

They definitely felt more than just co-stars being filmed together, they had true feelings for each other. However, they decided not to build a romantic relationship. They stayed dedicated to the show and earned millions of viewers’ respect and praise.

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