«Turn 21 and I will reveal the truth!» Let’s take a closer look into Foster’s personal life and parenthood

She finally breaks the silence and talks about her biggest secret! 😲🤔 The actress is about to reveal the identity of the biological father of her sons! 😯🧐 For more details – see the article! 👇👇👇

For those who don’t know, this acclaimed and accomplished actress has two sons named Kit and Charles. She still keeps her biggest secret about the identity of their father and promises to reveal it as they turn 21.

It should be added that her journey into motherhood happened through the IVF treatment. Charles was born in 1988, while she welcomed Kit in 2001. All these years she has been hiding the identity of the donor.

She has raised her children with her former partner C. Bernard. Currently, she is married to actress and director A. Hedison. Her unique parental approach includes letting them choose their own path. Charles takes interest in acting, while Kit pursues career in science.

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