«Weighs almost 220 pounds!» Pierce Brosnan’s wife was photographed by the paparazzi and disappointed fans

«Fats and cellulite! What did he find in her?»😬Fans of Hollywood actor Brosnan were surprised to see that his wife began to rapidly gain weight🧐🤯She is now unrecognizable, see here⬇️⬇️⬇️

Hollywood heartthrob Pierce Brosnan met his wife in Mexico. The actor’s second wife became a wonderful mother for the actor’s children from a previous union.

Pierce has stated more than once that their marriage is wonderful and they are happy together. He always protects his only wife. Pierce himself stated that his wife’s appearance had noticeably changed.

Fans were surprised when they saw how his wife had changed and gained extra weight. Despite being 220 pounds, Brosnan still claims that his wife is the most beautiful in the world. Recently, paparazzi photographed the actor’s wife in a swimsuit while on vacation. «How she has changed!», «Can’t she really take care of herself», «How does he not leave her!», «She needs to go to the gym», Internet users wrote.

Pierce, despite all the criticism, defends his wife. He said: «The years have passed, but my wife is still the love of my life»․

«I love my unique wife very much. I love her for who she is and will always love her!», said Brosnan. «One can only envy her», fans wrote.

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