«No makeup and a messy bun!» The «Baywatch» bombshell breaks new ground for natural ageing

No wonder men called her the hottest woman alive! 😉🔥Anderson abandons cosmetics and stops dyeing her hair whose recent candid photos can be found in this article! 👇👇👇

The incredible influence, significant contribution and overall-fame of P. Anderson can’t even be questioned. Her charisma and incomparable attractiveness made her one of the biggest icons of all time. She had millions of fans worldwide.

It is known that she has recently abandoned cosmetics and stopped dyeing her hair breaking new ground for natural ageing. During a paid partnership with a laundry detergent brand, she was seen with grayed hair while doing the laundry.

Anderson was wearing a white flowing dress and, despite the simplicity and her laid-back look, she still looked gorgeous. Her natural beauty was highly praised by millions. Her appearance with no makeup, hairdo and glamorous clothes came as a big surprise though.

She admits that a new journey has started for her and she no more needs to hide her flaws and imperfections with artificial things. She embraces natural ageing and encourages others to do so.

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