«Dad’s two mini copies!» Ricky Martin’s sons make a stage-on surprise in Locarno

Martin’s twins jumped on stage for the first time and drove everyone crazy! 😲🤯What the pop singer’s surrogate children look like now escapes no one’s attention! 🤫😍See their first performance in this article! 👇👇👇

The recent Instagram post of Ricky Martin hasn’t gone unnoticed. It features his already grown-up surrogate twin-sons who suddenly jumped on stage and surprised the fans of his legendary father’s global audience.

Apart from being a world-renowned music icon, Martin is also advocating for children’s causes through his foundation. It was in 2008 that he embraced fatherhood through surrogacy. He soon took a career break to fully dedicate himself to the boys.


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His unique parental approach includes being strongly against hiring a nanny. It was in 2017 that his family became even bigger with his marriage to artist J. Yosef with whom he had a daughter and son. The couple, unluckily, separated in 2023.

Their on-stage surprise has made a symbolic moment in the life of the music legend and escaped nobody’s attention.

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