«About mental breakdowns and dark thoughts!» Not everyone knows about Jada Pinkett’s struggles and path to success

She dealt with her parents’ addiction, abandonment and hair loss! 💔😟Let’s go into detail about Pinkett’s early struggles and self-discovery journey! 🧐🤫To learn more – see the article! 👇👇👇

Far not everyone can imagine how stressful she got the moment she discovered lots of hair while taking a shower. From this very day, her journey began from which she had a lot to learn. You might wonder who this poor girl is.

Even as a child, she had mental breakdowns and had to deal with her parents’ addiction which left a irreversible mark for the rest of her life. No one could even imagine what challenges she used to face back then.

Apart from being an actress, host and producer, she is the biggest love of one of the most successful and prominent Hollywood figures Will Smith.

Her challenges as a child included paternal abandonment, addiction and poor mental health. Later, she experienced a hair loss as a result of a rare condition and challenges awaited her even as an adult during the marriage.

It is worth mentioning that after two years of being extremely addicted, her father passed away as a result of a drug overdose. In her 20s, she first stepped into Hollywood and started achieving success and world fame.

During her career path, she faced mental breakdowns and even had dark thoughts. She crossed paths with Willard Carroll Smith with whom her love story began with «The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air». Soon, she was diagnosed with alopecia.


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