«Icons age too!» Rare photos of Delon during the family Christmas dinner are making headlines

This is what time has done to the conqueror of women’s hearts! 🫤😬 Delon’s relatives hit the network with exclusive footage of the legendary actor which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know this world-renowned, successful and influential film star whose significant contribution to the industry can’t be questioned. He was the one who stole millions of women’s hearts in youth.

However, we all know that time spares no one and even heartthrobs get old. The cinema legend has changed beyond recognition. This is not surprising at all since the man has already turned 88. His family has lately shared rare family footage.

To say that the loyal fans and supporters were not prepared for this is nothing to say. In the candid photos one can see aged Delon who looked happy while having the Christmas dinner with his family.

The all age-related changes he has undergone, of course, didn’t go unnoticed. Some expressed disappointment wondering how one could have changed like this, while the others wished him good health and longevity emphasizing his talent and professionalism.

«He hasn’t aged a day. I can see the man who broke my heart back then!», «Time can’t take this man’s attractiveness», «What has time done to him? It’s incredible!»,

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