«Don’t know whether to cry or laugh!» Kendall Jenner’s look at Fashion Week caused controversy among fans

«What a huge diaper she was wearing!»😅Millions of people laughed at Kendall Jenner’s strange costume, which she proudly wore🥴🙄What a dress, you can see in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

When Kendall Jenner showed up during Paris Fashion Week, everyone was surprised to see her unique outfit. She attracted the attention of everyone present. The event took place near the Palace of Versailles.

Kendall chose expensive jewelry, necklaces and drop earrings made her look more beautiful and attractive. She pulled her hair into a neat bun and looked elegant.

Not all fans were delighted to see her outfit. Some even compared her dress to a diaper. Most commentators wrote that this was a bad choice. The event was attended by the famous model E. Ratajkowski. She opted for a bustier top, puff sleeves and stiletto heels and captivated the crowd.

Her voluminous skirt was made from the same material and she looked amazing with bold makeup. But Kendal surprised the audience more. What can you say about the chosen outfit? Share with us in the comments section.

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