«Our karma was attracted the moment we saw each other» This is what lies behind the «love story» of Gere and Silva

She once slept on the street and changed her religion just to be with him! 🤫😧Let’s take a closer look into Gere’s and his wife’s love story! 🧐😍To find out more – see the article! 👇👇👇

Not everyone knows that this prominent and successful actor found his biggest love, Alejandra Silva, after two divorces and family drama. He had tied the knot with world-renowned supermodel C. Crawford and actress C. Lowell.

After the hurtful divorces, he decided to stay single until he found the one who revealed what real family happiness and harmony was. His third partner became Alejandra Silva who is a Spanish activist and a humanitarian.

They announced their relationship in 2014. However, their bond dates back 15 years. Few know that they first crossed paths when the actor worked on a TV and and had to borrow a boat from Silva’ father.

First, they became close friends and then their bond gained romantic elements. It took them a while to realize that they were soulmates and felt much more. Silva even adopted Buddhism and moved to New York to be with Gere.

It should be mentioned that she is the honored founder of Rais Fundacion. The couple intended to keep their romance private, but in 2015 they were spotted together in Sicily attending the Taormina Film Festival.

Their relationship was brought to a whole new level with the arrival of their second child in 2020. Despite being 73, he promises Silva at least 20 years. However hard it is to embrace fatherhood now, he does his best and actually never fails.

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