«Eight marriages and 10 grandchildren!» This is what the grandchildren of Elizabeth Taylor look like

People called her the most beautiful woman alive, look at her grandkids now! 🧐😬Only few have seen Taylor’s 10 grandkids! 😮🤫See who inherited her beauty in this article! 👇👇👇

There is hardly anyone who at least hasn’t heard of this iconic Hollywood actress. Her unearthly beauty, activism, significant contribution to the industry and eight marriages made her one of the most vivid figures back in the previous century.

Apart from her drizzling career and enormous achievements, she was also a loving and dedicated mother and grandmother, simply put, a family woman. The daughter of M. Wilding Jr. recalls her grandmother as a fair woman who stood for justice.

Laela recalls her generous gifts including party dresses as well as precious necklaces with sentimental value. Her another granddaughter Elizabeth cherished her granny’s passion for doing her hair and makeup for prom.

Andrew followed his grandmother’s filming legacy and now masters in cinematography and producing.  Caleb and Andrew, however, keep private lives. Tarquin, Laela’s and Naomi’s brother, is grateful to be a part of their family.

Lowell preserves the legendary granny’s legacy through her archive. What concerns Rhys, he appreciates it that his grandmother acknowledged each and every person’s soul. He is a vocalist, trumpeter and sees music as his calling.

Taylor’s youngest grandkid is Richard who overcame his childhood traumas and is currently living a fulfilling life.

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