«About childhood traumas and alcoholism» Astonishing facts about Jennifer Garner’s early life and personal struggles

Once a mistress who slept on a kitchen floor, she rose from ashes and became a star! 😲👏This is what Jennifer Garner had to go through on the path to stardom and success! 🫣💔For details – see the article! 👇👇👇

Few know that Jennifer Garner’s path to success and fame wasn’t smooth at all. Hailing from West Virginia, she had a challenging childhood conditioned by her parents’ strict rules which shaped her upbringing and caused traumas  for the rest of her life.

Garner studied Chemistry in college and her journey to stardom began in New York upon her graduation in 1994. She started having difficulties and obstacles on her way which led her to work as a waitress. She even slept on a kitchen floor for nine months.

This, however, made her even stronger and she secured roles in Hollywood. Her breakthrough one became «Alias» which brought her career into a whole new level. She became an influential film star whose contribution could hardly be overestimated.

Apart from her wonderful career, she also became a mother of three with actor B. Affleck. However, fate had prepared another surprise for her. In 2018 the couple announced their divorce leaving their fans in tears and heartbroken.

It is known that she was the one who helped Affleck overcome his addiction to alcohol.

Despite their separation, the couple still continues co-parenting and prioritizing their children. Garner continues to inspire both on and off the screen encouraging everyone to choose their own path and never give up.

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