«She was changed a lot!» Shakira posted a photo without makeup and created a furor among fans

«Typical housewife without makeup!»😵43-year-old Shakira posted a photo in which she demonstrated her natural appearance🙄😕She has been changed, be convinced here👇👇👇

43-year-old Shakira attracts fans every time with her unique appearance. The celebrity regularly posts photos on social networks in which she shows her natural beauty.

Shakira’s fans are always delighted with her beauty and compliment her for her sincerity. But as always, not every Internet user supports Shakira.

Shakira recently shared a photo without makeup. «She looks completely ugly», «Apparently she has aged», «She no longer needs makeup», «For me, she is still the same beauty!» Internet users wrote.

«Natural beauty!», «Does not age», «What a face!», wrote Internet users. What do you think? Do you agree with the opinions of Internet users?

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