«Before gray hair and wrinkles!» What Reeves’ partner looked like back in her youth resulted in mixed reactions

Have you ever seen Reeves’ fiancée before her hair went gray? 🧐🤫 Archive photos of «The Matrix» actor’s girlfriend appeared on network and you too can see them in this article! 👇👇👇

There is probably no one who doesn’t know this renowned and successful Hollywood actor. He has celebrated his 50th birthday. Reeves is also considered to be among the most bighearted and generous celebrities.

The legendary film star often appears with his beloved fiancée, A. Grant, with whom he has been sharing several years of ever-lasting love and complete understanding. The artist’s unusual appearance has always been the subject of discussions.

People miss no chance to «remind» the Hollywood actor of his girlfriend’s plainness. Only few know that her hair started going gray already in her 20s and she has never even tried to hide her «flaw» accepting her natural beauty.

Here are her rare photos from personal archive which have lately been shared on social media. This is how she has evolved over years. Have a look!

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