«About her controlling husband and alcohol abuse» Taking a closer look into Jennifer Love’s family drama and path to success

This is what motherhood can do to a Hollywood icon! 😱😬Paparazzi secretly captured Love and showed how family life has changed the actress! 🧐😟Be ready to be surprised to see her new photos in this article! 👇👇👇

There is probably no one who hasn’t watched «Heartbreakers» and doesn’t know this beauty who captivated millions of men back then. However, one can say that her path to success was not smooth. Later, she went to TV and took part in «The Client List».

What concerns her personal life, she married Brian in 2013, withdrew from the public eyes and fully dedicated herself to family life and motherhood. All this led her to gain weight and, as many mentioned, lose her former charm.

The situation became even worse when Brian got addicted to alcohol, started treating her in an abusive way and controlling her behavior. Brian’s influence greatly affected Love’s mental health, but she continued to grace our screens.

It was in 2018 that she returned in «911 Rescue Service» publicly apologizing for her changed appearance. She appeared insecure and confused. It seems that it is the very start of her self-discovery journey.

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