«A living mummy!» This is what numerous cosmetic surgeries have done to late Jackson’s sister

The fans were horrified to see Jackson’s sister! 😱😬She is slowly turning into her late brother with the help of multiple cosmetic surgeries! 😲🤯Try not to be surprised when you see her new photos in this article! 👇👇👇

Meet La Toya Jackson whose non-standard appearance has lately become the subject of heated discussions. It is not surprising at all since all the members of this family possess extraordinary appearance.

What concerns the singer and TV personality, she has not only undergone cosmetic surgeries changing beyond recognition, having lost her charm (as the fans mention), but also is on her way to turn into her late brother Michael.

Network users immediately started advising the woman to stop her body modification and just accept herself the way she is.

«She looks like a living mummy!», «How creepy! Stop it!», «What an eyesore!», «Is she the reincarnation of Jackson? Then what does this mean?».

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