«New level of revealing outfit!» Salma Hayek caused a controversy in a bikini showing off her desirable body

«You can’t even say that she’s 56!»😲This time Salma disappointed fans by wearing the most unique and revealing swimsuit🫣😵‍💫You can see her spicy appearance in this article👇👇👇

Salma Hayek, even at 56-years-old, captivates millions of hearts with her unique beauty. Many 18-year-old girls dream of being like her. She published such photos that even Cindy Crawford wrote comments under the celebrity photo.

When Salma Hayek turned 56, to the surprise of her fans, she changed for the better and began to look younger than her age. Salma has always loved to show off her flawless body in revealing clothes.

Recently, the star has been experimenting with her appearance. She appears on the red carpet almost «naked», or in dresses with a neckline and conquers millions of hearts.

Recently, Salma decided to share her beauty tip, which was strange for many fans. Hayek said that she consults with cosmetic surgeons only before events, and in everyday life she uses home procedures.

Salma always uses coconut water for her face and rose water for her skin. She also adds tepezcohuite bark powder to lotions, which is used to treat burns. But it does have an impact on wrinkled skin.

Salma eats fruits and vegetables, as well as broths or freshly squeezed juices, but does not eat meat. Salma said that she had long ago found a replacement for snacks. Sometimes it eats insects, such as grasshoppers.

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